Visiting at last

> Hello, my name's Lucy and I have finally managed to get my mummy & daddy and uncle & aunty to stay at The Watermill for a few days next week. I am really looking forward to it.
> Love Lucy


It's not just humans that make new friends at the Watermill Inn πŸΆπŸ’•


Hello my name is Jake and I am coming to stay with my owners in December 2018

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Make mine a pint

Millie, Lottie and polly looking forward to a couple of pints ( I mean walks) this coming weekend 25th Oct 18

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Toffee the cockerpoo

> Hi,
> I will be walking past the pub tomorrow about 2pm and my owner for some reason can't walk past a pub so I am sure I will be in to see you. My family then stick me under a table while they feed their faces.
> I am now getting some shuteye with my teddy Stanley ready for my big walk tomorrow.
> See you soon
> Toffee the cockerpoo x


Marley is a fan of yours and was especially happy to find a beer named after her. She said she would like to be one of your ambassadors 🐢

Wall of Fame Star


My name is Ginny and I am a Cairn Terrier and I will be bringing my owners back to my favourite Doggy Pub on the 12th May 2018. We are at Ings Mill Park where we were last year and we came for lunch every day and I got biscuits and a bowl of water. We will be doing the same this trip and I am a bit impatient to get there to be honest !!. 

Doggie Wall of Fame - Bertie

In loving memory of Bertie who enjoyed so many memorable stays at the Watermill over the last five years.

 Sadly no longer with us after a sudden illness. We will always remember our stays with him. Richard & Lynn


Dogs Wall of Fame



We are very excited to be visiting The Watermill on 2nd December as a birthday surprise for my husband.  We will be bringing with us our beautiful girl Belle, Black Lab/collie cross and our handsome boy Buddy, our gorgeous Shih Tzu.


It would be great to see a picture of our pooches on your wall of fame, especially whilst we enjoy a little tipple of Belle Isle Bitter and Shih Tzu Faced.


Looking forward to seeing you on the 2nd


Deb & Andy 



Mr sprocket

Mr sprocket 

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Dogs for your wall of Fame

Hi there


We will be staying in Ings next weekend for the whole week with our dogs Chilli (the fox red one) and Coco (the chocolate one). I am sure we will be seeing you in your lovely premises on quite a few occasions. Please can you add our lovely doggies to your wall of fame. Looking forward to tasting your great food and drinks






John OBrien
Mobile  +44 (0)7450204245

Safety Starts With Me


E.Mail.. John.O'

Approachable, Assured, Constructive, Progressive






Marnie Parkinson will be at the Water Mill Inn  next week July 3rd.
Looking forward to seeing you all


Hi,visiting you next wed. For overnight stay,find attached our dog Monty,a border collie.please add to your gallery.

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Tansywith her beer

 Tansy the Golden, eagerly anticipating her own beer.

Trina McConnell

Fw: Jake

This is jake our border terrier.


> Had a fabulous time with the cocker poos x


Here's Zinny

From Simon my human dad who will be 50 tomorrow. Happy birthday human dad xxx
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See you in the New Year

Ellie Startup

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> Murphy Gallagher came for lunch with his family today and had a wonderful time X

Ramsey & Sally


Ramsey & Sally visiting on 25.9.16.Third time for Ramsey to visit the watermill.
He is showing Sally.xx


Fwd: Dog

This is Rio - he will be bringing us to your pub on 21st Oct

Kevin Williams


My name is Lupi and I loved my night at the Watermill Inn. I met lots of other dogs and it was really friendly.

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> Here is Micca going on tour and staying at The Watermill 1st Aug.

Fw: Dog pic for wall of fame


Hi, this is Blue, He has just turned 6 months old...however enjoyed his first Collie Wobble aged 13 weeks when he took a drink of his dads pint

Fw: Tilly & Marley


Hi Guys.

We enjoyed ourselves so much last time we were at The Watermill that we are coming back to see you again in December :-)


Steve, Tilly & Marley.


Here's a pic of me at the fabulous Watermill Inn, having a quick pint this week

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  Stayed here in May had a lovely time everyone gave me biscuits and pats. Will love to come here love the beer

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Stayed here in May had a lovely time everyone gave me biscuits and pats. Will love to come here love the beer


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Fw: George is coming

  George is coming

Hi my name is George and my owners Kelly and Brian are bringing me back on Tuesday for the 3rd time I carnt wait x

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> We are visiting mid June. This is Ness the Boxer...

Mr Doogle

> See you tomorrow


My name is Maisy and this will be my first time away with mum and dad.
My mum brought it as a birthday present for my dads birthday which is on the 30th of May, so paws crossed he doesn't find out before then.
Maisy 🐾

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Two dogs coming to visit next Monday 25th April & bringing their human owners - all 4

Dear Watermill Pub,
We are coming up to visit you next Monday as we are interring granddad's ashes at the Heaning Forest. They recommended you to us. We are bringing our human mum & our human sisters & 87 yr old nana too. Grandad will stay in the car. 

Will there be some fresh water for us please?

Photo 1 - our human mum with us at Blea Tarn in the Lakes last year: Lucy, Meg & Molly
Photo 2 - Lucy swimming in Yew Tree Tarn
Photo 3 - Molly at Wastwater
Photo 4 - Lucy & Meg at Blea Tarn

Molly - Golden Retriever - age 6 yrs
Lucy - black labrador -  age 14 months

We are looking forward to sniffing out & enjoying that gated walk before our meal whilst nana has a G & T.

Sounds heavenly. We have been warned not to dig anyone up at the Heaning Forest so we will have to be on our best behaviour after lunch!

See you soon,
Molly & Lucy



Greetings Molly coming on Sunday with her brother Bill who is sadly no longer with us but both regular visitors over the years to The Watermill

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> Looking forward to my first holiday ever with mummy & daddy in August. Hope they are good xx


> Good morning!,
> My family and I have booked a night away staying with you on 12th August! It will be my first time away as only 9 weeks old!....can't wait!
> Minnie


> This is my first pub visit ever
> Ted, 9 months old.

Marley & Tilly

Hi Guys.

We are coming to see you May Bank Holiday after our friends recommended your pub to us.

Regards (Marley & Tilly).

Mr Doogle

Mr Doogle

Booked in for few beers
This week